7-Jul-1962 Alitalia 771 DC-8 Crashed into a hill due to navigation error
22-Mar-1964 MAS 511 DH-106 Gear collapse after landing
8-Nov-1965 American 383 B727 Crashed during approach in bad weather
30-Jun-1967 Thai 601 Caravelle II Crashed on approach in heavy rain
6-Nov-1967 TWA 159 B707 Crashed after aborting takeoff
21-Mar-1968 United 9963 B727 Crashed due to wrong takeoff configuration
10-Aug-1968 Piedmont 230 FH-227B Crashed on approach in fog
5-Jan-1969 Afghan 701 B727 Crashed while descending below glide slope
5-Jul-1970 Air Canada 621 DC-8 Premature spoiler deployment on final approach
8-Dec-1972 United 553 B737 Crashed after stalling during go-around
29-Dec-1972 Eastern 401 L-1011 Crashed into swamp after accidental AP disc.
27-Sep-1973 Texas International 655 Convair CV-600 Crashed into mountain while flying VFR in IMC weather
27-Nov-1973 Delta 516 DC-9 Landed short of runway
20-Nov-1974 Lufthansa 540 B747 Improper takeoff configuration
1-Dec-1974 TWA 514 B727 Crashed into hill during approach
27-Mar-1977 KLM 4805 B747 A/C collided on rwy with PanAm 1736
4-Apr-1977 Southern Airways 242 DC-9 Double engine failure in hailstorm
2-Sep-1977 Transmeridian 3751 CL-44 Inflight seperation of part of wing due to engine fire
25-Sep-1978 PSA 182 B727 Collision with C-172 on approach
23-Dec-1978 Alitalia 4128 DC-9 Crashed into sea on approach
28-Dec-1978 United 173 DC-8 Crashed on approach while running out of fuel
31-Oct-1979 Western 2605 DC-10 Crashed on closed runway
18-Nov-1979 Transamerica 18 L-188 Electra In flight breakup after losing instruments
28-Nov-1979 Air New Zealand 901 DC-10 Hit Mt. Erebus during sightseeing. CFIT
27-Jun-1980 Itavia 870 DC-9 Cause unknown - possibly bomb or missile
19-Aug-1980 Saudi 163 L-1011 Inflight Fire
13-Jan-1982 Air Florida 90 B737 Crashed on takeoff with anti-ice systems off
8-Jun-1982 VASP 168 B727 Crashed while being low on approach
2-Jun-1983 Air Canada 797 DC-9 Onboard Fire
1-Sep-1983 Korean Air 007 B747 Shotdown after mis-navigating
31-May-1985 General Aviation 115 Gulfstream 1 Unfeathered engine failure on takeoff
23-Jun-1985 Air India 182 B747 Crashed after a bomb exploded
2-Aug-1985 Delta 191 L-1011 Windshear during app.
12-Aug-1985 Japan Airlines 123 B747 Structural failure resulted in loss of hyd & control
31-Aug-1986 Aeromexico 498 DC-9 Midair Collision with Piper Archer
16-Aug-1987 Northwest 255 DC-9 Improper takeoff configuration
14-Oct-1987 Zimex C-130 Hit by missile
28-Nov-1987 South African 295 B747 Crashed after an inflight fire
3-Feb-1988 American 132 DC-9 Inflight fire but evacuated safely on the ground
28-Apr-1988 Aloha 243 B737 Structural failure
26-Jun-1988 Air France 296Q A 320 Pilot error during demonstration flight
31-Aug-1988 Delta 1141 B727 Improper takeoff configuration
6-Feb-1989 Inter Cargo 3132 Vickers 952F Crashed into see on takeoff due to control problems
8-Feb-1989 Indep. Air 1851 B707 Mountain Collision on approach
19-Feb-1989 Flying Tiger 66 B747 Crashed into hillside during approah
24-Feb-1989 United 811 B747 Cargo door blew out
7-Jun-1989 Surinam 764 DC-8 Crashed on landing while using an unreliable ILS signal
19-July-1989 United 232 DC-10 Crashlanded after losing control due to uncontained engine #2 failure
19-Sep-1989 UTA 772 DC-10 Crashed after a bomb exploded
25-Jan-1990 Avianca 52 B707 Fuel starvation
14-Feb-1990 Indian Airlines 605 A320 Crashed while too low on approach
1-Feb-1991 USAir 1493 B737 Collision on rwy with Metro II
3-Mar-1991 United 585 B737 Crashed after uncommanded rudder deflection
26-May-1991 Lauda Air 004 B767 Uncommanded deployment of the thrust reverser in flight
11-July-1991 Nigeria Airways 2120 DC-8 Crashed after tyres burst and caught fire
27-Dec-1991 SAS 751 MD-81 Power loss due to ice ingestion
20-Jan-1992 Air Inter 148 A320 Hit a mountain - Automation confusion?
22-Mar-1992 Usair 405 F-28 Crashed on takeoff in icing conditions
31-Mar-1992 Transair 671 B707 Engine separation - landed safely
8-Jun-1992 GP Express 861 BE-99 Crashed while following a wrong approach procedure
21-Dec-1992 Martinair 495 DC-10 Crashed while encountering windshear during app.
31-Mar-1993 Japan Airlines 46E B747 Engine separated in flight due turbulence
28-April-1993 GP Express BE- 99 Crashed while trying to do a barrel roll at night and at low altitude
17-Aug-1993 Aviation Services Metro II Gear not down on landing - forgotten
18-Aug-1993 Kalitta 808 DC-8 Stalled on approach
14-Sep-1993 Lufthansa 2904 A320 Overran runway while landing fast and far
4-Nov-1993 China Airlines 605 B747 Overran runway into water after unstable approach
7-Jan-1994 United Express 6291 BA 41 Stalled on approach
23-Mar-1994 Aeroflot 593 A310 Crashed after children occupied the pilot seat
4-Apr-1994 KLM 433 Saab 340B Crashed during SE go-around
7-Apr-1994 Fedex 705 DC-10 Cockpit crew attacked by former employee while in flight
26-Apr-1994 China Airlines 140 A300 Crashed during inadvertent go-around
2-Jul-1994 USAir 1016 DC-9 Windshear on final
10-Aug-1994 Korean Air 2033 A300 Overran runway on landing
8-Sep-1994 USAir 427 B737 Crashed after uncommanded rudder deflection
31-Oct-1994 Eagle flight 4184 ATR-72 Crashed after encountering clear ice during holding
13-Dec-1994 Eagle flight 3379 BA 32 Crashed during SE go-around
14-Dec-1994 Phoenix Air Learjet 35 Crashed after inflight fire due to faulty wiring for special operation
21-Dec-1994 Air Algerie 702P B737 Crashed after descending below minimums
16-Feb-1995 ATI DC-8 Crashed on takeoff during a 3 engine ferry
8-Jun-1995 Valujet 597 DC-9 Engine fire on takeoff
21-Aug-1995 Atlantic Southeast 529 Emb 120 Crashed after inflight prop seperation
16-Sep-1995 Tamair SA 227 Crashed on takeoff during engine failure training
22-Sep-1995 USAF 27 B707 (AWACS) Crashed after ingesting a flok of Canadian snow geese on rotation
12-Nov-1995 American 1572 MD-83 Landed short of the runway
20-Dec-1995 American 965 B757 Hit a mountain after crew lost situational awareness
20-Dec-1995 Tower Air 41 B747 Crashed after aborting takeoff
6-Feb-1996 Birgenair 301 B757 Crashed after both airspeed indicators failed
11-May-1996 Valujet 592 DC-9 Crashed after inflight fire
17-Jul-1996 TWA 800 B747 Exploded in flight
29-Aug-1996 Vnukovo Airlines 2801 Tu-154 Crashed on approach
5-Sep-1996 FedEx 1406 DC-10 Inflight fire - safe landing
25-Sep-1996 DDA DC-3 Crashed after experiencing an engine failure
2-Oct-1996 Aeroperu 603 B757 Instrument malfunction
8-Oct-1996 Aeroflot 9981 An 124 Crashed during go around
19-Oct-1996 Delta 554 MD-88 Crashed during a low-visibility approach
19-Nov-1996 United Express 5925 BE-1900 Runway collision with BE-99
22-Nov-1996 USAF C-130 Crashed into sea following fuel starvation
22-Dec-1996 Airborne Express 827 DC-8 Failed stall recovery after stall test
8-May-1997 CZ3456 B737 Heavy landing in bad weather conditions
6-Aug-1997 Korean Air 801 B747 Crashed after descending below descent profile
7-Aug-1997 Fine Air 101 DC-8 Crashed on takeoff because of shifting cargo
26-Sep-1997 Garuda 152 A300 Crashed on approach after turning wrong way and descending too low
19-Dec-1997 SilkAir 185 B737 Dove into ground - Suicide?
16-Feb-1998 China Airlines 676 A300 Crashed on go-around
2-Sep-1998 Swissair 111 MD 11 Crashed after inflight fire
11-Nov-1998 Asiana 7414 B747 Ground collision with Aeroflot II-62
11-Dec-1998 Thai 261 A310 Crashed on go-around
1-Jun-1999 American 1420 MD-82 Crashed while landing in thunderstorm
31-Oct-1999 Egyptair 990 B767 Crashed into sea - Suicide?
12-Nov-1999 UN/Sifly 3275 ATR-42 Struck high ground
19-Nov-1999 Air France 1336 B737 Takeoff incident
12-Dec-1999 Panda Leasing IAI-1124 Horizontal stabiliser trim failure
22-Dec-1999 Korean Air 8509 B747-200 Crahed shortly after takeoff due to instrument failure
10-Jan-2000 Crossair 498 Saab 340 Crashed shortly after takeoff
13-Jan-2000 Avisto Shorts 360 Ditched in sea after both engines flamed out
30-Jan-2010 Kenya Airways 431 A310 Crashed after takeoff due to a false stall warning
31-Jan-2000 Alaska 261 MD-83 Stabiliser problems, crashed into sea
16-Feb-2000 Emery Worldwide 17 DC-8 Crashed after takeoff due to control problems
17-Mar-2000 BP Amoco Corporation Falcon 900 Overran runway on landing
25-May-2000 Air Liberte 8807 MD-83 Runway collision with Shorts 330
17-Jul-2000 Alliance Air 7412 B737 Crashed during an orbit on approach
19-Jul-2000 Airwave 9807 Gulfstream I Loss of control after engine failure
25-Jul-2000 Air France 4590 Concorde Engine failure and wing on fire, crashed after takeoff
23-Aug-2000 Gulf Air 072 A320 Lost control during go-around
31-Oct-2000 Singapore 006 B747 Takeoff from wrong runway
4-Jul-2001 Vladivostokavia 352 Tu-154 Entered flat spin on approach and crashed
11-Sep-2001 United 93 B757 Crashed after being hijacked
08-Oct-2001 SAS 686 MD-87 Collided on takeoff in thick fog with a Citation
12-Nov-2001 American 587 A300 Crashed on takeoff due overuse of rudder
25-May-2002 China Airlines 611 B747 Inflight breakup
02 July-2002 DHL611/BTC2937 B757/T154 Midair collision
6-Nov-2002 Luxair 9642 F-50 Crashed during approach in bad weather after selecting ground-idle in flight
8-Nov-2002 Westwind N61RS Westwind 24 Crashed after hitting mountain wave
08-Jan-2003 Air Midwest 5481 BE-1900 Crashed on takeoff due elevator problem
06-Mar-2003 Air Algerie 6289 B737-200 Crashed on takeoff after engine failure
22-Jun-2003 Brit Air 5672 CRJ 100 Crashed during approach in marginal weather
26-Aug-2003 Colgain Air 9446 BE-1900D Crashed shortly after landing due trim fault
18-Dec-2003 Fedex 647 DC-10 Crashed on landing during windy conditions
25-Dec-2003 UTAGE 141 B727 Crashed on takeoff after being overloaded
3-Jan-2004 Flash Airlines 604 B737 Crashed during initial climb
2-Feb-2004 Expo Aviation Ilyushin 18D Belly landing
13-Aug-2004 Air Tahoma 185 Convair 580 Crashed after double engine flame out
14-Oct-2004 Pinnacle 3701 CL-600 Crashed after double engine flame out
19-Oct-2004 Corporate Air 5966 Jetstream 32 Crashed after descending below minimums
27-Nov-2004 Blackwater 61 CASA 212 Crashed into a canyon after a bit of "fun" flying
14-Aug-2005 Helios 522 B737 Loss of cabin pressure incapacitated the crew
08-Dec-2005 Southwest 1248 B737 Rwy overrun at Chicago Midway
07-Feb-2006 UPS 1307 DC-8 Cargo fire on landing
22-Aug-2006 Pulkovo 612 Tu-154 Crashed after entering a flat spin
27-Aug-2006 Comair 5191 CL-600 Crashed after taking off from the wrong rwy
01-Jan-2007 AdamAir 574 B737 Lost control after the autopilot disconnected
27-Jul-2007 News helicopters 2x Eurocopter Both helicopter collided in midair
17-Jul-2007 TAM 3054 A320 Overran runway after landing in rain.
01-Feb-2008 Blue Sky Airways BE-90 Crashed during a GPS landing
28-Jun-2008 ABX Air 1611 B767 Cargo fire while preparing for engine start
31-Jul-2008 East Coast Jets 81 BAE-125 Crashed during go-around
05-Sept-2008 Neptune Aviation Neptune Crashed on takeoff after engine fire
14-Sept-2008 Aeroflot 821 B737 Pilots lost situational awareness during go-around
19-Sept-2008 Inter Travel & Service Learjet 60 Crashed on takeoff after all tyres burst
15-Jan-2009 US Airways 1549 A320 Ditched in the Hudson after bird strikes
27-Jan-2009 Empire Airlines 8284 ATR 42 Crashed on approach
12-Feb-2009 Colgan Air 3407 Dash 8 Q400 Crashed on approach into Buffalo.
01-June-2009 Air France 447 A330 Crashed after losing airspeed information
10-Apr-2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154M Crashed while attempting to land in thick fog
02-Apr-2012 UTair 120 ATR-72 Crashed after takeoff due icing on wings
06-Jul-2013 Asiana Airlines 214 B777 Crashed after the pilots lost speed awareness
14-Aug-2013 UPS 1354 A300 Crashed short of the runway during approach
23-July 2014 TransAsia 222 ATR 72 Descended below minimums and crashed
28-Dec-2014 AirAsia 8501 A320 Pilots lost control after the autopilot disengaged
08-Sept-2015 British Airways 2276 B777 Aborted takeoff due uncontained engine fire
19-Mar-2016 Flydubai 981 B737-800 Crashed during missed approach
28-Nov-2016 LaMia 2933 Avro RJ85 Crashed after running out of fuel
15-May 2017 N452DA Learjet 35A Stalled and crashed during approach
18-Feb-2018 Air Lingus 12C A330 Gear problem after takeoff. Landed safely.
12-Mar-2018 US-Bangla 211 Dash 8 Crashed due runway confusion
17-Apr-2018 Southwest 1380 B737-700 Uncontained engine failure. Landed safely.
10-Aug-2018 Horizon Air Dash 8 Q400 Aircraft stolen and crashed after stunts
28-Sept-2018 Air Niugini 73 B737-800 Crashed short of runway into the sea
29-Oct-2018 Lion Air 601 B737-8 Max Crashed after encoutering MCAS problems
23-Feb-2019 Atlas Air 3591 B767 Crashed suddenly nose down during approach
10-Mar-2019 Ethiopian 302 B737-8 Max Crashed after takeoff due flight control problems

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